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The Voice may have introduced Bo Bruce to the British public, but it was leaving the show on which she came second that set her on the path to the career she craved.

Bo's impassioned performance every Saturday night ensured she was destined for more than the fleeting fame that being on a TV talent show brings. But not even Bo could have foreseen how quickly her dream to make the music she wanted, the way she wanted, would come true.

Within a week of The Voice ending, Bo had signed a record deal with major label Mercury and begun writing songs on a daily basis. There were sessions with Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid, Joel Pott from Athlete, Henry Binns of Zero 7, Sia Furler and Greg Kurstin, The Alisha's Attic Sisters Karen and Shelley Poole and with Tom Marsh, producer of Bo's 2010 EP 'Search The Night'.

But most of 'Before I Sleep' began and ended in this studio with just Bo and 24-year-old producer James Flannigan, once a young engineer who had worked with McDaid, and who the singer affectionately refers to as "2 of my favorite people."

Make no mistake, 'Before I Sleep' is no mere vehicle for Bo Bruce's bewitching vocals. It is exactly the album she had in her head, its sonic roots obvious from her EP. Bo doesn't just belong in the songs, she occupies them entirely. Her emotions are as integral to the otherworldly atmospherics as they are to the intriguing, open-ended lyrics. The honesty that shone through Bo's performances on The Voice hasn't been hidden by the lush production; nor has the vulnerability of a woman whose tumultuous childhood and teenage years the tabloids gleefully detailed from the moment she first appeared on TV.

Put simply, 'Before I Sleep' couldn't have been made by anyone but Bo Bruce. You may hear hints of Kate Bush or Ellie Goulding in Bo's haunting vocals and the warm wash of sound in which the songs are steeped bears the hallmarks of Bo's fondness for Massive Attack and Sigur Ros, but 'Before I Sleep' isn't trying to sound like anyone else. Nor is it trying to be trendy or catch the slipstream of a scene. It's Bo, baring her soul.

Bo's perseverance has paid off. 'Before I Sleep' is a stunning set of widescreen, emotion-soaked songs, from dreamy debut single.

Since the release of 'Before I Sleep' Bo has vocalled 'The Rage That's In Us All' written by Gary Lighbody and JJ Abrahams for Paramount's Star Trek 'Into Darkness' and has been working with
 Henry Binns (Zero7) on her next project 'Equador' to be released in 2016.

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